High Holy Day Sermons 5775

Four sermons for the Days of Awe, all on the theme of 70, in honor of Beth David’s 70th anniversary:

Rosh HaShanah Evening, on Hannah and prayer: Calling Out a Name

Rosh HaShanah Morning, on Israel: 70 Names of Jerusalem

Kol Nidrei, on our congregation’s past and future: Just As They Planted For Me

Yom Kippur Morning, on Anti-Semitism: For You Know the Heart of a Stranger

Questions, comments, and conversation always welcome!


One thought on “High Holy Day Sermons 5775

  1. Craig A Snider

    I liked your column about the Shema,and the new ritual to sit, as conservative and orthodox communities do. Your explanation was well thought out an explained. I hope the board and congregation understands and supports this new approach. I think it is very much the right call. Thank you for your presence and kavanah from the bima on Saturday. Many people in my family went out of their way to tell me how joyful they found the service, and the example you set in tone, spirit and song. So glad to be a member of your congregation. All best, Craig Snider


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